Unlikely Style Icon – Teenage Fashion Blogger – Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson, otherwise known as ‘Style Rookie’, made the cover of fashion bible Pop mag in August and Love in September, where she was also interviewed by Pixie Geldolf.

Her fashion blog attracts half a million hits a month and she is taken so seriously by the industry that she earned front row seats at all the biggest shows during New York Fashion Week, where editors and celebrities could be seen respectfully watching over her shoulder.

Given the fascination with this unique and engaging fashion writer, it’s rather surprising to discover that Tavi is a 13-year-old blogger from suburban Chicago.

The ‘Style Rookie’ blog was created in 2008 when Tavi was just 11, and her writing illustrates such an understanding of her favoured subject that it was initially assumed to be a fake created by fashion insiders. It has a professional feel and features analysis of magazines and photographs of her quirky daily outfits.

Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the sisters behind the award-winning fashion label Rodarte, contacted Tavi after coming across her blog just eight months after she began it, and she has since become their muse, helping to present their line.

“Tavi makes you think about things differently,” said Kate Mulleavy, “She makes you see things differently.”
Indeed, Tavi Gevinson appears to be quite a phenomenon.

Her first experience of paid journalism was for Pop’s website, giving her thoughts on New York Fashion Week. “For one week I was in a utopia full of people who can recognise that my jacket is Luella and appreciate that I stuck an upside-down doll in its chest pocket,” she wrote.

“Tavi’s amazing,” says Charlie Porter, deputy editor of the style journal Fantastic Man. “She’s so inquisitive, with such a sharp, curious eye,”

While a sense of fashion and style is a matter of opinion, this extract from ‘the new girl in town’s Bat Mitzvah speech is a good example of why people hope that we continue to hear more from the teenager who won over the fashion industry.

“As I said earlier, the Nazarites wore just enough to keep them warm, believing that that was the wish of God. Over this past year I have become increasingly interested in clothing, and have developed a clearer understanding of the idea that clothing can be art… Rei Kawakubo, who many regard as the first conceptual designer and whose clothes can often inspire uncomfortable thoughts or feelings in people, is my favourite designer in the world… Using fashion as self-expression can go beyond wearing a shirt with a slogan, as clothing has the ability to evoke an entire feel, or atmosphere, or emotion, or world.”

The Goth Bible by Nancy Kilpatrick – A Review

Like the Christian bible, the goth Bible is disappointingly human. It serves as a passably good introduction to the goth subculture, but the information given is not given systematically. I do not recommend this book, unless you can get it for free; however, there is some good information inside. In the interest of giving a fair review, I will list the good points of the book before explaining my complaints with it.

The book is comprehensive. It covers all the main areas of the subculture: clothing styles, makeup, music, favorite books and authors, and adapting the subculture to grown-up life. If you’re looking for further reading, every chapter has a list of web links at the end, to various clothing retailers, auction sites, and information sites.

The goth Bible also features an interesting survey, apparently conducted on an internet forum, of about 200 currently practicing goths, on everything from sexuality to the Columbine massacre to their favorite music. Their opinions are interesting, and shed some more light onto the subculture. This survey is called “The † Section,” which is a little annoying until you get used to it, and appears along the margins of the page.

The book sheds some light on the evolution of goth style and philosophy. Many goths, for example, combine beauty ideals from different cultures: Egyptian, Victorian, Romantic, Celtic, Norse, and so on, to make their own ideal. You also don’t have to wear black to be goth, although most goths prefer black for various reasons, from “Memento Mori” to “It looks good on me.”

Every chapter starts with a picture of an extremely attractive, androgynous goth, which makes it worth at least browsing through. And if you’re looking for magazines on gothic fashion or retailers of gothic clothing, this is a good book to start with.

One of the best parts of the book is an exposition on the favorite colors of most goths. Black, of course, comes first, followed closely by silver, popular because it’s the color of the moon, the stars and thus of the night. I love color theory and understanding why people choose a certain color and not another one.

However, the book lacks a coherent structure, and features too many distracting asides. The fashion sections, for example, feature many profiles of modern-day designers, makeup manufacturers, goth jewellers, and so on. Some of the stories are neither germane nor interesting. A sentence or two, describing how different retailers emerged in the 1970s and 1980s, would suffice. This also leaves less room for a straightforward history of goth fashion, which would be more interesting and more comprehensive.

Transfiguration of the Dead by AngelhÄ(TM)ad.The author also interjects her own opinions as facts or quasi-facts. This is a serious fault, especially in a book called “The goth Bible.” I would have liked to see more attention paid to history and detail, not just of antecedents to gothic style (e.g. the Victorian era) but to modern gothic fashion.

How, for example, did the gothic style emerge from the punk and new wave movements? The author doesn’t say, although she does list some styles carried over from punk. How do goths relate to other subcultures, such as metalheads, punks, skinheads, hipsters, and so on? And what direction is the movement headed in? I put down this book with more questions than when I picked it up. Sometimes that’s a good thing; a great book can pique your interest in a topic and make you want to read more. But this book is not such a book.

New World Order about to Start? Bible Prophecies point to World’s Last Chance

What is going on? Why is the world in such absolute turmoil? The weather is behaving in mad and unpredictable fashion causing untold damage in places that have never experienced such destruction before. Perplexing and virulent diseases, are killing entire populations. Despite desperate peace efforts words like Armageddon and The End of the World keep appearing in our headlines. And although marvelous technical advances continue to amaze and astonish mankind, humanity seems to be bent on a course of moral and social self-destruction. And many are expressing a vague unease that some world-changing, cataclysmic event is on the verge of occurring; that the order of things as we have known it, is about to change in a drastic and radical fashion.

Is there an answer? Can anyone know with certainty what the future holds? We believe that there IS a key to not only knowing what the future holds but preparing for it as well. We believe that this key is the Bible! Our conviction is based not on mere opinion or sentiment, but on the fact that the Bible makes claims that no other book dares to make and the life-changing way it has affected innumerable individuals. Also, the Bible is a book of prophecy, which is easily demonstrable, unlike ANY other so-called holy book or writings. The Bible is a book that opens the future up to us. It warns us that a change is coming that will challenge every human being alive; that we are facing the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE!

Readers will be shocked to know that the Bible, through prophetic signs and symbols, predicts and identifies two great super powers–one political, one religious–that will jointly bring about a NEW ORDER of things, an end to society as we now know it, in a most dramatic and unexpected way. Many are aware that there are sinister forces at work behind the scenes to effect these great changes. But only the Bible clearly exposes these forces and provides a way out. Only the Bible offers the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE!

We are presenting a document that will enable you to see for yourself how the Bible, step by step, point by point, singles out these two world powers from their very beginning and how the plans and decisions they are making, at this very moment, will soon affect every individual on the face of the earth. You will see how the Bible CLEARLY shows that the USA will join hands with the papacy to restrict our once dearly held rights and nullify our God-given freedom of conscience. To most, this may seem totally outrageous and absurd, but the Bible says “Prove all things.” and this we fully intend to do, because this is the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE!

It cannot be denied that our freedoms are being subtly, inexorably chipped away under one pretext or another. Freedoms once taken for granted can now make one criminally liable. No longer does one have the freedom to express a moral perspective without risking being accused of committing a hate crime. A small child is disciplined for innocently expressing religious beliefs at school; increasingly restrictive laws continue to confront one on every side, and this will finally culminate in the ultimate loss of freedom to worship as one chooses–at the cost of life itself! All this is clearly confirmed and verified in the document we have prepared based on the shocking but irrefutable prophecies of the Bible that clearly show that the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE is fast approaching.

Our challenging document explores such crucial questions as: What is the purpose of the Biblical prophecies? What is an example of a fulfilled prophecy in the Bible? What is the most solemn prophetic warning yet to be fulfilled? How do we unlock the mysterious symbols to understand prophecy? It clearly explains what the Mark, Number, and Name of the Beast are; their relationship to the USA, and how these forces are NOW conspiring to bring about the crisis that will bring all the world to its knees–and answers many other questions which will reveal to you why we are convinced that the WORLD’S LAST CHANCE will soon be here.